Our Mission

The O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation

Producing Artistic Director, Sophia Romma

Established in May, 2013

Locations of current operation: Manhattan, NY, Dublin, Ireland, Moscow, Russia

ourmissionThe O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation (OFTF) is geared towards aiding women playwrights in obtaining theatre productions of their plays and women screenwriters in attaining motion picture productions of their screenplays. The O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation is committed to the plight of gender parity in both theatre and film, on the regional, global and universal stage and screen. In proactively and systematically advocating for gender parity in the theatre and in film, our foundation aims to take concrete and potent action in creating a home-base for female playwrights of all ages and at all stages in their enlightened literary careers. Our specific goal is to shed light on the existing gender gap in the highly competitive fields of entertainment, namely, in theatre and film, thus fashioning a current trend in promoting the plethora of talented women writers in the industry and drawing the current gap to an official close, in the very near future.